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Beach Information

Common Inquiries

In case you were wondering

Planning a trip raises lots of questions. Rest assured that we are here to answer all of your inquiries. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we think will be of use to you. Read below, and if you have any doubts, please reach out.

What is your cancellation policy?

We try to accommodate each guest to the very best of our ability. We have a moderate cancellation policy.

All reservations require a 20% deposit amount for the full stay upon confirmation.

If you book a non-cancellable booking you will automatically be given a 15% discount. This means that you get a discount

and we are confident that you won't cancel.

If you cancel within 24-72 hours of your reservation, we only retain 20% which is the deposit amount.

All reservations that are canceled within 10 or more days of your date will receive a 100% refund of any money deposited. 

This gives us a chance to hopefully rebook those days.

Cancellation Policy

Is the casita safe for babies and children and pets?

The casita studio is mostly all one level with one 3" step into the bathroom. The maximum number of adults to comfortably enjoy the casita is three. A couple with two small children is welcome.

Please note that there are no child safety protective measures in place. We offer a pack-n-play with a thick mattress and linens. We also have a three-foot-deep dipping pool. We are not responsible for injuries to anyone on the premises or at the beach.

We love pets and have two (Nala the cat & Minnie the rescue) ourselves.

Pets under 20 lbs. with current proof of immunizations are welcome with a one-time $25 deposit. Our property is fully fenced.

We reserve the right to deny pets that are known to be shall we say, "a bit overactive".

Please email your pet's records ahead of your stay.

Pets Policy

What I Forgot My Toothbrush?

We try to keep a small supply of toothbrushes, razors and feminine products on hand.

If you forgot something, just ask. We might have

it.  If not, there are plenty of small corner stores (called a Chinito) to buy snacks, drinks,

and many other typical items. Don't forget to bring your water and ice.

Small Offerings

Does The Beach House ever offer Specials?

Absolutely! We offer 10% discount on weekly stays and 15% on monthly stays.
We also offer a standing special discount to all US Vets of 20% of the seasonal rate. 
Because we are a vacation destination our prices vary from High Season (Dec to April) and Low Season (May to Nov) to remain
competitive to give you the best rate.

Tropical Sunrise
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