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Pricing Plan Conditions

In Panama, we have two seasons—High Season and Low Season, or Dry Season and Wet Season. There are plenty of short-term rentals in our area. However, if you want an all-new and fresh stay you will love The Beach House In Nueva Gorgona. All pricing plans are based on the High Season rate. These rates will drop during the Low, Rainy season. All of our pricing is subject to change in order to remain competitive. Please be sure to check the box on the cancellation policy within the plan that you choose. As always, we invite your feedback and referrals.


Playa Malibu beach in Nueva Gorgona, Panama, Oeste

The Beach House In Nueva Gorgona
Kevin and Angel love meeting new people. We also love the idea of sharing our paradise with others. They were Super Hosts in both California and Texas. Our Panama property came with a casita studio. We immediately knew we would remodel and decorate to accommodate guests and family. So come join us and enjoy both High and Low season here in the amazing and colorful Panama!

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